Shear walls are built to counter the effects of the lateral loads such as wind or earthquakes that act on structures. Geopanel makes shear wall forming an easy task: its range of sizes and ease of use add the necessary flexibility to site operations.

Geopanel CL bulkhead panels are particularly useful at the end of walls, or as short-side formwork of shear walls (or long columns) formed with Geopanel, avoiding timber and keeping all the advantages of a system formwork. In some cases they are used in combination with Geopanel internal corners to form columns protruding from a wall. Geopanel CL elements are adjustable in size to accomodate for wall thickness of 200 to 450 mm, with increments of 50 mm.

The sizes are available to cater for different wall widths are:

  • Geopanel CL 20-25-30 for wall thickness 200 to 300 mm.
  • Geopanel CL 35-40-45 for wall thickness 350 to 450 mm.
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