When the first Geotub formwork was launched in 2003 it was a revolution in the global market. Surprisingly easy to use, featuring impressive performance and durability, Geotub was first in a brand new class of system formwork.

The Geotub formwork elements are engineered for maximum ease of use. Very light, no single element weighing more than 11 kg, Geotub requires no crane during forming and dismantling, Handling and logistics is equally simple.

Specially designed tabs on the outside of the curved panels hold them stacked one on another, so that the forms may be stored neatly both on site and in the material yard.

Geotub was probably one of the greatest formwork innovations launched in the market in year 2003: a circular column formwork that is light, simple to use, durable and available in a wide range of sizes.

These features make it even today the reference hand-held reusable circular column formwork on the world market. Available in a wide range of sizes, Geotub is useful in all kinds of sites, from residential to infrastructure building.

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