The whole idea behind Geopanel is simplicity.




The concept is that one single person should be able to use formwork safely even working by himself and without a crane: that’s why no single element of the Geopanel system weighs more than 11 kg.

Geopanel is made to be versatile and it is used for walls, foundations, shafts, shear walls, as well as a roof-slab formwork (in combination with Geosky elements). The working of a formwork must be simple and intuitive. It literally takes just a few minutes to understand how Geopanel works: even unskilled personnel is able to start using it virtually right away.

The Geopanel 120x60 is at the heart of a formwork system where a whole range of components interlock in a vast number of combinations and shapes. Sometimes blueprints and shop drawings are simply not available for the site and the formwork must be simple enough to set up in a logical, easy and effective manner. The Geopanel series includes corners, stop-end panels, compensations and accessories which all together make this task simple and straightforward.

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